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 Shidoin Training
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    This seminar was introduced for Spring 2014 .

    Shidoin Training to be led by Wolfgang Baumgartner Sensei, 6th dan TAA Certified Instructor Trainer. Upon satisfactory completion of this course, students will have acquired the essential knowledge and information and core minimum skills to become effective instructors of Aikido. Note that in addition to completion of this course, there are training and teaching experience requirements to complete the TAA Shidoin certification. Open to all yudansha.

    AIKIDO in Fredericksburg Spotsylvania, VA 22551 USA http://www.aikidoinn.com
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    Friday April 04, 2014 Sunday April 06, 2014
    Seminar Program Outline
    Lecture, training, and discussion. Participation in this seminar satisfies one of the requirements to become a TAA Certified Instructor (\\\"Shidoin\\\").