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 No-Fall Aikido Seminar for Instructors
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    This seminar was introduced for Summer 2013 .

    The art of No-Fall Aikido contributes to the development of a robust dojo program by facilitating training for a broader range of students. No-Fall Aikido and Low-Impact Aikido provide training opportunities for the elderly, those with disabilities and injuries, and trauma-recovery patients. It reduces the anxiety and injury potential associated with completing techniques, it provides new opportunities for students, and helps avoid aggravating or sustaining injuries. Knowledgeable Senseis will use their experience with these types of special classes to lead this instructorsí training seminar. Teaching and marketing methods and techniques will be shared so you can make Aikido available to those who cannot take traditional ukemi.

    Aikido in Fredericksburg www.aikidoinfredericksburg.org
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    Friday August 30, 2013 Friday August 30, 2013
    Seminar Program Outline
    TOPICS TO BE COVERED: Session 1: No-Fall Aikido for Senior Citizens Session 2: No-Fall Aikido as a Modality to Enhance PTSD Recovery Session 3: Low-Impact Aikido Session 4: Aikido for Everyone Session 5: How to Start a No-Fall / Low-Impact Class