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 How to Run an Aikido Dojo
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    This seminar was introduced for Summer 2017 .

    A professional development seminar for Dojo Cho, Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Program Assistants, and anyone looking to eventually be one of these. Learn ways you can improve your dojo operations, enrollment, retention, marketing, and more!

    Aikido in Fredericksburg
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    Saturday August 26, 2017 Sunday August 27, 2017
    Seminar Program Outline
    Topics to be covered include:  Why Teach Aikido  Life cycle of a dojo  Location, location, location  The Dojo “Entity”  Profit or Non-Profit?  Maximizing Dojo Usage  Know Your Strengths  Record Keeping  Dues Structuring and Collection  Community Engagement  Marketing and Advertising  Teaching Safety and Responding to Issues  Developing Assistants and Sempai  Ranking  Motivating and Educating  Succession Planning