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 Newens Sensei teaches Fukushidoin Course, Davis, CA
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    This seminar was introduced for Summer 2014 .

    FRI 6:00 PM - SUNDAY NOON. The course is designed for assistant instructors in the TAA and is open to any Aikikai dan grades. The format is mostly mat work with light discussion/lecture. Completion of this course is required for TAA Fukushidoin certification. Apply for certification separately afer the course.

    AIKIDO INSTITUTE DAVIS 638 CANTRILL DRIVE, SUITE B DAVIS, CA 95618 530.297.1215 aikidodavis@aol.com www.aikidodavis.com
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    Friday July 11, 2014 Sunday July 13, 2014
    Seminar Program Outline
    Fee: $275(includes Sat lunch) Contents:  Saito Sensei and Iwama  Review of essential Taijutsu  Review of all Bukiwaza  Presentation of techniques  Instructor’s responsibilities