Andrea Lembo
Chief Instructor, Takemusu Ibaraki Dojo, Rome, Italy Andrea Lembo Sensei began studying judo in 1966 in Rome . From 1974 to 1977 He joined with the sports group FFOO of the Italian Police and became referee in competitions. In 1976 he met Elena Gabrielli sensei, now 6 dan Aikikai, in Rome and started practicing Aikido. After his first encounter with Cor allini S hihan and Saito S hihan he chose his aikid o school and since then followed training with Iwama style sensei s including : Corallini S hihan, De Compadri, Baumgartner, Witt Shihan, H. Saito, Hiroshi Nemoto, Hirosawa, Tittarelli, Ulf Evenas Shihan, Aviotti, Toutain, Weisgard, I soya ma Shihan, and Inagak i Shihan . Now he is a member of TAA and his dojo is in Rome Italy. Lembo Sensei says I practice aikido only for the joy it makes me feel . He is a recognized Shidon