We offer a multitude of seminars for the community to help propagate the ideals of AIKIDO. Senior Instructors discuss various topics that relates to technical and philosophical aspect of the art. These seminars are designed to highlight specific technical aspects for beginner to advanced practitioners, but all are welcome to attend.

Each seminar is presented by a knowledageble instructor who will introduce you to the concepts of their topic in a clear and straightforward language. Seminar are added routinely, and suggestions are most welcome.

Who can attend ?
All are welcome to attend.

Where are the seminars?
The seminars are usually hosted by a member dojo and are conducted within the vicinity of the host dojo.

I have a question!
You may deliver your questions to the webmaster. If you wish to contact a specific instructor, please visit the instructor information area.

Current Schedule of Seminars
How to Run an Aikido Dojo
Labor Day Weekend East Coast Gasshuku

August 26, 2017 How to Run an Aikido Dojo
September 01, 2017 Labor Day Weekend East Coast Gasshuku
September 23, 2017 Aviv Sensei at Aikido Nord du Lac
October 21, 2017 Fall Aikido Seminar with Hans Goto Sensei
November 03, 2017 Hans Goto and Hoa Newens at Aikido at the Center
December 02, 2017 Holiday Seminar and Dan Tests with Hans Goto Sensei