Favorite Photos of Saito Sensei

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1974. Airport nikyo on Saito sensei's first American trip.

1974. My personal favorite, although I was not there.

1990. Saito sensei at work in his extensive garden

1990. Joran Fagerlund's favorite "gardening with Sensei"

1992. Aviv Goldsmith's favorite photo

1992. Sensei entertaining in Reno, Nevada, with friends.

Mehmet Dogu's favorite

2001. Saito Sensei and a favorite Japanese sword. Memet's favorite photo.

1980's. Yvonne Thelwell's favorite

c. 1980's. Donny's capture of his informal smile. Iwama.

1960's. Stan Pranin: "This photo was a personal favorite of Morihiro Saito Shihan."

1960s. Tai no henko with O-Sensei.