Preferred Training Supplier

The martial arts vendor below had partnered with the Takemusu Aikido Association for providing uniforms and training supplies to the TAA dojo and its members.

TAA members (both retail and resale) need to set up an account on our site    www.nipponbudogu.com
Be sure to note that you are a TAA member. For retail customers, thats it! Order away. Your purchases will be credited towards the TAA rebate program and will help the organization .
 For resale/wholesale clients , you will need to email us once you have set up an account and we will review your qualifications for resale / wholesale account,  then either approve (or not), and we will email you a reply (usually within 12 hours). With over 45 years in the Aikido art, we can answer most of your questions with a quick email to either 
Thank you for your support.
Giovanni K. Maida
Pietro Yuji Maida